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Born and raised in Milan with Neapolitan DNA, Alfredo Fabrizio grew among the cloth samples of the father’s tailor’s shop, immediately developing a passion and an expertise in the art of tailoring.
After he gratuated in Milan in Fashion and Textile Design, he started working in some companies’ style offices, like Alma, Blumarine Uomo and then in consultancy firms, where he has gained experience in women’s total look by developing products of brands like J.C. de Castelbajac Plus, Alessandro De Benedetti, VDP (Via Delle Perle), Clips and Angelo Marani.
In 2015 he decided to put himself out with his own project, so he launched the SHIRTSTUDIO brand with a specific objective: to develop and study all the expressive possibilities of the shirt. He started from redefining the models of the item, whose form has remained the same for decades and he rethought it as an unisex item, enriched with sartorial details. Therefore, the shirt becomes the focus of a menswear and womenswear collection. Starting with black and white iconic models, the collection develops from season to season different variations on the shirt, that changes over and over again, until it becomes a versatile shirt-jacket for metropolitan globetrotter.